Sunday, February 24, 2008


Dear kuripot daughter of the old rich,

I'm willing to ignore your simpering and posturing. If you want to act like an over aged debutante that's your call. I'm even willing to overlook a level of hubris that dares to place your December 7 meeting with JLo and Romulo Neri in the realm of Pearl Harbor.

But you have no right, absolutely no right, to blackmail Neri into coming out by threatening to drag his personal life into the public eye.

You're mad at Neri's insinuation that you allegedly offered P20 million in patriotic money?

Just tell it as it is. Call Neri a liar if you will but do not attempt to drag him into the muck with your prurient threats. You want to wallow in that sty, be our guest; don't drag others into it.

Bottom line: We do not care about Neri's sexuality. We've never cared about yours, have we?

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