Sunday, February 24, 2008



Most of what I post have appeared in the Philippine Graphic. I will try better to be as diligent as the other bloggers but it's darn hard, what with too much stuff on my plate already.

You are welcome to share/pass on/post my rants and raves :) Just give a one-line credit and don't try to pass it off as your own LOL

I may not reply to comments unless they raise a question that ought to be answered. I will reply if someone challenges a post on the basis of fact. I won't if someone disagrees with my opinions and interpretation of events. I also won't even if someone harangues me; I am a true believer of freedom of expression. Besides, if you can dish it out, you gotta know how to take it.

But folks, your freedom ends if I see you libel some other person even someone I do not like. Libel is based on twisting facts; opinions are okay but, please, no curses or cuss words here.

Salamat po!

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