Monday, February 8, 2010

JC slams "empty" and expensive ads, says they destroy idealism of the youth. Hmmm, now we know Villar is getting there when everyone gangs up on him -- the way they ganged up on Noynoy before.

Perlas asked if he will agree when people vote on something his environmental principles might dislike. He says environment policies should respect culture and aspirations on communities.

Jamby asked what role her husband will have in her administration. I will cut his head and thumb and quarter him if he acts like the present FG.

Bro. Eddie asked whether religious belief would hamper his style of governance, especially in talking peace with Muslim rebels. He cites Muslims in his lineup. He says it's all about righteousness, not religion. Why does Bro Eddie use the third person to refer to himself?

Villar on district representation: He says it should ideally be based on population. But that you cannot cast aside small provinces. Dapat one time re-districting. Now inefficient. Dapat pantay.

Gibo: three names rank how impt on your life and how will you save them from prison if they are accused of crimes. He says the mother in law is most important because without her, no daughter and no wife. But as for prison, that's their lookout. Asked who is most impt, he repeats mother in law... and the rest are equal.

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