Monday, February 8, 2010

WANNABE BOSSES5: Philippine Daily Inquirer 1st Edition The Presidential Debate

Noy asked how we would advice young people on sexuality. Says talk to parents, don't be blind.

JC asked on RH. The RH code is indeed dangerous. I invite everyone to study it well. Many provisions that would almost allow abortion. Between a crook and RH advocate -- the worst thing is have crook in govt. But equally dangerous is RH bill. Many of our modern family planning methods are abortifacients.

Gordon asked how he would protect environment: We must balance jobs and environment. We have to protect environment to save jobs in the future.

Jamby asked on nutrition, junk foods and softdrinks. Would you support strict controls on these that Europe has passed? Says she will back even more stringent laws. Blames the Villar minority for failure to pass Milk Code that would have saved lives of infants, from 0 to 2 years old, saying this worsens diarrhea woes affecting 20% of child mortality below 5.
"My administration would limit junk food, tax softdrinks and make sure big conglomerates don't sell poison."

Perlas says if he backs out he will back an independent candidate, says he is all for the "bottom dwellers."

Gibo asked on restive troops: Build culture of competence and discipline. You cannot have discipline if you do not have competence. We need to address material needs, cites that modernization funds not enough. There needs to be a balance.

Bro Eddie asked if he will back expanded benefits for elderly and how will fund it. Yes, all ways and means, and have them exempt from E-VAT. Where will funds come from? Good governance will provide through savings.

Villar asked about GMA's expensive dinners. He says it's wrong, no public official should do that. He is twitted for making Las Pinas one big subdivision and will he duplicate this nationwide? He says he is proud of Las Pinas; it is very progressive. He is asked about conflicts between his being a businessman and public servant. He says he is no longer a businessman, that he was the industry leader before entering politics. In Tagalog, he asks: Why is so hard for you to believe that a poor person can become rich without having to become a criminal.

Gordon turns an anti-Erap question to a slam against Villar: If your leader does not face up to accountability, do not vote for that person.

JC asked on freedom on informed choice. If there are choices that are dangerous, we shouldn't support it. I am all for what the RH bill advocates but to copy it from development agencies that impose it on us, I will not agree, too. Instead of sex education for children and youth, have adults go to barangay health centers.

Villar cites need for cohesive urban planning, says many mayors not trained and giving permits without studying well. Also says dismantling of congested communities should not be done without clear relocation sites.

Perlas asked who he would appoint as DENR secretary. He says Tony Oposa, RM awardee and who won landmark SC decision that obligates government to protect the rights of future generations. He really likes Tony. (I do, too.)

Bro Eddie asked how he can help stop Manila centrism: He says true, genuine autonomy for Mindanao. Federalism. And that income from the big companies there shouldn't be sent to Manila (via taxes) but used to develop Mindanao. Ang mula sa Mindanao, gamitin para sa Mindanao.

Jamby asked for views on divorce. The fact that only the rich can get marriages annulled in this country, makes the lack of divorce law anti-poor. Says it must be put to people through referendum -- uh but she doesn't really address the question because she talks about the poor cohabiting and thus siring illegitimate kids.

Noy asked how to ensure separation of church and state. Says getting consensus will help. Guy Claudio asks what doesn't he like with the RH bill: . What's lack in RH -- budget for artificial means; baka maloko ang clients

Do you influence Kris: I speak my mind but open to opinions opposite of my mind. But at the end of the day, I make my own decisions. Kris influence? "My clothes." A democracy means you respect voices different from yours.

JC asked why he has sent kids to public school when he was sent to good Catholic schools. He says to be one with the poor but adds that he and his wife try to compensate for weaknesses in public school system.

Perlas asked on consultation: The new balance of power should be larger, to include civil society and business. You should empower. Not just consult, but massive effort to have government agency have civil society representation.

Gordon asked on call to bring back criminal charges for kids. He says he was wrong to back the law that lifts criminal accountability from kids because criminal groups are now using children. He said rights must be balanced with duties and obligations.

Jamby asked if she has anything good to say about Villar. She compliments his dyed hair. She is asked re migrants -- says OFW problem is a result of GMA administration, accused the President of practising slavery with her policies toward work in Middle East.

Bro Eddie: Asked about a husband forcing himself on his wife on days she says are unsafe and she gets an abortion. human rights of women are primordial. Any form of abortion hindi papayag si Brother Eddie. Abortion is murder. But I am for sound family planning without violating our moral foundation.

Villar asked about high rents in malls and public markets that burdens small entrepreneurs. He gives a long-winded answer that says nothing.

Gibo asked how to stop corruption in Bureau of Customs: Combine prevention (more legitimate incentives) and punishment. Too much temptation, too little incentives. Crime prevention? Increase police visibility and invest more on scene-of-the-crime equipment and other crime-solving facilities.

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Bro. Eddie shows he can be a father to this nation. His answers do not seek to please people but to impose what should be.