Monday, February 8, 2010

WANNABE BOSSES2: Philippine Daily Inquirer 1st Edition The Presidential Debate

"The program will start in five minutes."
I'm giggling at the PDI ad. You know those soap opera stars who can't talk conversationally and seem to have been born with a gene whose sole use is to spout quotable quotes? I think a similar person wrote the PDI ad scripts. Wow, our colleagues talk in rhyme!
John Nery seems to be MC. Acknowledging Marixi Prieto, Eggie Apostol, Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc. Sandy Prieto for welcoming remarks. She greets "fellow seekers of a better Philippines." She calls the May polls as the most important presidential election in a generation. She notes that this year the electorate, the electorate enjoys the advantage of presidential candidates allowing themselves to be grilled. Short and sweet. We'll see if this debate will indeed shape public discourse.
John now discussing rules. I can hear the supporters outside in full-throated revelry.
Oh dear, no Erap. What's with UP and Erap? hehe

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