Monday, February 8, 2010

WANNABE BOSSES: Philippine Daily Inquirer 1st Edition The Presidential Debate

Don't know if this is going to fly; first attempt at live-blogging of a serious nature. I can already feel a crick in my neck from having to stare down at my lap.

I count seven bloggers at the back of the UP Theater, which is rapidly filling up with supporters and critics of the wannabe bosses of this benighted land. I only recognize Alex Remolino of Bulatlat, now having breakfast beside me. I am a newbie in the brave new world of live-blogging and rather proud at finally getting connected without having to scream for a techie.

The stage backdrop is a stylized flag with a huge sun peeking over the blue. It is a mouthful, the title of this event. There are three aqua panels, with smaller white panels within, on both wings of the stage. Two screens on each side, too, now showing a series of PDI veterans, including some columnists, all earnestly declaiming lines that are clearly meant to be profound and impress us with the level of intellect in in the country's largest newspaper. Very much like what ABS-CBN and CNN love to do.

The bottom part of the theater in now full. I hear drums beating a festive rhythm. Those are Villar's people in their orange shirts, dancing and hee-hawing. Noynoy's yellow-clad fans are here, too, as are Gibo's followers in bright green.

Let me briefly digress. Whoever thought of using the phrase Yellow Army is doing Noynoy a disservice. Yellow Army doesn't refer to the brave folk who thronged EDSA to save the sorry ars_s of Fidel V. Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile. Yellow Army, if I remember right, referred to the private army of the Cojuangco clan, back in those days when they were called the CHDF. Yellow Army doesn't do much to bolster confidence in Noy's ability to bring about peace. Okay, we're about to start....

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