Monday, February 8, 2010

WANNABE BOSSES3: Philippine Daily Inquirer 1st Edition The Presidential Debate

Noynoy Aquino comes out first, JC de los Reyes of Kapatiran next, then Sen. Richard Gordon, Sen. Jamby Madrigal, Nicki Perlas, Sec. Gilbert Teodoro (who gets really loud cheers), Brother Eddie Villanueva, and Sen. Manny Villar (also very loud cheers).
Candidates as to come forward, place hands together and "pose for history." Okay, that was a bit too much, John :)
Noy in black, Jamby green, Bro Eddie in yellow.
You have taken the position that GMA should not appoint next SC. Noy asked about his warning not to recognize next SC justice. Wouldn't this jeopardize orderly transition?
Noy says he just wanted to warn that a Chief Justice who early on is already "kasama sa isang act na complicitly illegal" would be a danger to the country and that he just wants to do his duty to make sure the law is respected. He is asked, shouldn't this be left to judiciary... and I lose track of his answer. Audio's bad

Gordon is asked if he can tackle the country, which is much bigger and certainly more unwieldy than Subic. He rambles... he says "ang kalaban natin sa tomorrow ay our doubts."

Jamby on executive privilege: "unconstitutional" (um, not what the SC said). I will be transparent, agency budgets and plans to be put online. I won't need executive privilege the way GMA is using it.

Perlas on who is best president and why? He says Ramos. No hesitation. "I don't totally agree with everything he did. He had a quality of consulting people. He actually listened. He truly tried to engage civil society. We would have debates. He was willing to change his position."

Gibo asked about his waffling on the RH bill. Can he withstand pressure? He says there is need to work with consensus. Bottomline is to respect moral choice.

Brother Eddie will dismantle all private armies. Does not answer if he will allow journalists to carry firearms. Asked about his comments re gays, he says all Filipinos should have equal status under the law and should be protected against all kinds of discrimination, no matter sex or gender. (Hmmm, silent on sexual identity)

Villar asked a trick question -- one suited for beauty pageant, Fe Zamora quips. He says any child born in poverty will dream of wealth. But once you get that, you yearn to serve and for that you need power.

Jamby, who was once biggest spender, now is all righteousness. Slams kids in ads and big spenders. Is challenged about her use of Juday before. Says she has since seen the light. Hehehehe

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