Monday, February 8, 2010

Noy asked on IRA: Says share of local Good behavior, reward. Bad behavior, punishment. Cites ARMM budget which hasn't been used well.

JC: We must break the paradigm of the trained, exportable Filipino. Orient education sector to make our graduates serve our country. Asked where will he get funds for education reforms as other agencies need funds, too. He fumbles.

Gordon asked what would his development policies for Mindanao. Says moral infrastructure -- get the corrupt out; those guvs who don't account for money. Legal infrastructure: make sure planning is central. Mindanao is not a war zone. We should correct image so teachers and other professionals won't be scared. Place Navy hospital ships so they know we give them importance.

Jamby asked if she is allergic to pork barrel. She calls it a source of corruption. Says she will reserve it only for a few poor places and with very strict audit. She goes back to attacking Villar, citing insertions and saying legislators who enrich themselves this way should be charged with plunder.

Perlas asked if he favors liberalized mining industry. He says current situation has displaced so many people I want transformation of mining law to make sure we don't trample on rights if IPs, that distribution of wealth, safeguard resources and environment. We cannot destroy the source of our life. If we destroy our environment, our economy will collapse

Gibo asked about the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer? He says it's a lament heard around the world. Asked how he would change it How do you change. An open economy with clear standards, you want equal access and opportunity for all.
get from those who have and transfer to poor or move as many people beyond poverty line....
Built in advantage for rich? Capital is needed and there are other ways you can help

Bro Eddie asked about stimulus package, replies with answer about global trade, that the principle of equality and reciprocity should apply. Reminded the question is about stimulus package, he talks about need to root out corruption.

Villar first address the deficit, increase revenues very quickly. Important for first person to manage this nation from day one. No single aspect is paramount, all at once. He has program for foreign investment, for infrastructure and importance given to agriculture. Improve revenue collection -- FVR time tax revenue took up 70% of GDP, now just 30 plus percent. (Hey, let's bring FVR back! hehe)

Gibo asked what opportunities missed due to corruption: Says he can't site specific opportunity. He says corruption takes direct and indirect toll, investments wise, aid wise and competitive situation of the country. And he cites also the corruption of no long-term continuity of policies.

JC asked what his econ policy towards Mindanao: We see Mindanao as just a source of wealth for us outside. We should see Mindanao folk as our brothers. The problem there is also corruption. The challenge is locate leaders.

Villar asked if he wants Concon or Con-Ass and what econ policies he wants, specifically if he backs land for foreigners, 40-60% equity in select industries. He says it is not that important. Will give it to people to decide via referendum. Asked if he wants to open up more to foreigners, he says we are open enough.

Perlas asked on social insurance. Tackles corruption in GSIS. He says people should be given options so they do not get stuck with corrupt agencies. He says social insurance can be strengthened by ridding all agencies of corruption.

Bro Eddie asked if he will consider a halt to debt payment. He says that after establishing regime of righteousness and getting confidence of foreign investors, then he can study possible repeal of automatic debt appropriations act or renegotiate with creditors.

Jamby asked how much galunggong and itlog na pula. Is at a loss. Jeers. Says she is an acceptable living standard means a person earning minimum of P15,000 per month. P30,000 bare minimum to survive because WTO has destroyed agriculture so food prices are high.

Noy asked how he will balance budget: No increase in taxes, he says, just better collection. Gives nod to Villar's earlier

JC, citing talks with Bernie Villegas, says maybe foreigners can be allowed limited land but then takes it back and says maybe not, Filipinos need their land. How about selling the land to rich foreigners? He says they did it in Honolulu and now the Japanese own it. He wants to be a nationalist on the land issue.

Perlas asked about increased salaries for teachers. Says yes, but must be pegged on performance and plenty of re-training.

Gordon on raising taxes: No president wants that, it is anathema. But look at budget. We will be lying to you if we tell you there will be no higher taxes. I want teachers to get P40,000 a month; I want kindergarten in public school. Everything has its price.

Jamby asked why she thinks big businessman should vote for her. She says they shouldn't because she plans to oppose cartels. I am not courting the vote of big businessman. I am courting the people who want change. She says she is a nationalist.

Bro Eddie: What is the single economic program you want to be your flagship. Massive development of small and medium enterprises, putting up growth centers. This will be funded by savings from erasing corruption. Democratization of economy.

Villar: Other than Mrs. Villar, which generous friends paid for your television commercials. Pera ko yan. It is important to ask, who is giving them money because they might become the rulers. Is it so hard to believe that a (once) poor man could become President.

Gibo asked for centerpiece sector. He says agriculture. Food security and amelioration of the farmers, to allow them to re-invest in micro industries. Also tourism and infrastructure.

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